Right out of the Armoricain Brittany, not far from the tribe of Dana, I started my adventure in tattooing with Faba in 2012, creator of Redbones in Lorient, Oldschool institution of the area.

Back to my homeland after a long journey, I took back my tattoo machines in 2020, working in several tattoo studios with different talented artists, I have been able to confirm my style and my technique in realism.

I particularly love to get  inspiration from paintings,  mythologys, architecture, and more of them, nature, flowers, animals, feminine portraits, the beauty and the terrifying. I love to work Black&Grey as colors, mixing styles and destructuring them.

After meeting beautiful soul being and the desire to never stop learning, I work today surrounded by Thomas Carli Jarlier, well known artist for revolutionising the way to work grey colors in hyper  realism. I am working with him and other great artists at the beautiful tattoo studio Noire Ink in Clermont-Ferrand,  where I finally settle up after a long trip in tattooing.

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